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Improving From My Left Shoulder Pains By Doing My Yoga Practice Almost Daily

The above are images of the yoga mat I have been using to do my yoga asanas almost daily these past few months again. I have been away from engaging in such activities for awhile while I was in between my moving activities from one place to another. I have been having these pains from my right shoulder, which I recall started during the last winter. It feels like my right shoulder muscles have been stretched badly, and they connect to some neck muscles, too. I suspect that I must have exposed my right shoulder to the cold and ignored the chilling effects constantly, such that I would have these pains. Or I must have had a very minor stroke, which my body could still handle very well. A friend tells me it could be due to early arthritis in that part of my body. I am not sure of these things, of course, unless I go out and have myself checked up by medical doctors.

In the meantime, I have been feeling better each day when I do my yoga practices. I get in touch with my muscles and I feel more stronger. Who really knows what's exactly happening during these activities? I have other benefits gained from such engagements. I get to meditate and become more aware and conscious of myself and everything around me, too. Some inner calm takes place most wonderfully, which serves me well while a lot of changes happen in many aspects of my daily life. Thankfully, I have been seeing better results.


Free Climbing 3000 Feet Up The Hardest Route In The World

These 2 guys and all the others who are part of their team are, indeed, making history. It's not finished yet (as of this writing). But they're definitely on their way now.

By the way, one of the most effective ways, based on my experience, on losing body fat and making yourself fit and trim in the process is to engage in free climbing. Have you noticed how fit most of these mountaineers you meet are? They eat (I know this from experience, too, as I used to do mountaineering years ago) humongous meals, and they eat just about anything (in addition to those recommended by their healthcare provider). You don't really have to be copycats of any those guys mentioned in the image here. You can go to any indoor climbing gyms. I believe some gyms have this kind of set-up. I once had a multi-day climb up in the Mt Halcon mountain range in Mindoro, Philippines years ago. Part of it entailed doing 'vertical' free climbing. When I came back to the city, I saw how much weight I lost, and my love handles along my belly area were gone. Hence, I recommend free climbing to all of you out there bent on losing weight and making yourself look trim and fit like an adolescent dude. Of course, you can find other ways to do this.

In the meantime, enjoy life.


My Elderly Friend's Inadvertent Revenge to the Late Susan Sontag

Over late lunch, my elderly friend, who is a native New Yorker and whom I met again after a few years of not seeing him, shared me again details of what happened between him and the late Susan Sontag, the writer. They're neighbors in one of those buildings in a complex built pre-war time (and whose original owner committed suicide during the financial crash in the early 20th century) somewhere along 9th Avenue and 23rd Street, with my friend living on the 9th floor and Susan Sontag on the 19th floor (which is actually the 20th floor because the building doesn't have a 13th floor). I heard the story from him many years ago but I made him repeat the story to me; I thought it's a good way to see Susan Sontag in a different light as a highly accomplished writer who was very much a human being like all of us reading this material. I have to say right now that I admire Ms Sontag's works; I read so many of her movie reviews and even an article on photography, the specific title of which I fail to recall now. My classmates and I read this article in high school, and were required to write and talk about the work in school.

My elderly friend, who's also a retired English teacher of at least 50 years, and whose real name won't be mentioned here, one day was walking with his partner and crossing 9th Avenue, and they saw a huge luggage right on the corner of the streets. Being someone who turns into cash stuff that he finds on the streets of New York City (NYC) as well as those his neighbors have refused (he noted in wonderment how these people could afford to just toss away valuable stuff easily), he was wondering what was inside the heavy luggage. He was soon opening it, and thought there could be valuables inside that he can turn into cash by selling them outright to interested customers all over NYC. They immediately went back inside the condominium to check the contents of the heavy luggage more closely.

As soon as he and his partner were  standing before the elevator of the building where they live, Susan Sontag and a heavy set man were coming out of the elevator. He was immediately being asked by both why he has that heavy luggage with him. He told them he picked it up from the corner of the street and thought someone must have left it there as thrash. Such a situation is really common anywhere in NYC; you'll see all kinds of stuff on the streets of the city such that you can furnish your whole apartment with finds from the streets where you walk about in your daily life here. It's a matter of fact of living in NYC, which some residents may refuse to openly admitting. The streets of NYC are literally laden with valuables; you just have to open your eyes and have the courage to do something most would like to deny doing. And it soon became an embarrassment somehow as it looked like to me this unexpected encounter with Ms Sontag but my friend decided to right away to hand over the heavy luggage to the heavy set male companion of Ms Sontag.

And on one occasion, he saw Ms Sontag crossing the street, and said 'Hello, Susan', which to me sounded like my elderly friend was just being normal when you're with neighbors. And Ms Sontag was pissed and told my friend something to the effect of "How dare you talk to me?", to which my friend replied something I forgot now, but which led to Ms Sontag screaming at him right there on the street.

My elderly friend who's been a freelance individual who makes the most of what NYC has to offer him to lead a happy life didn't really take such behavior from Ms Sontag personally. And one evening, as what is usual with my elderly friend, he went about checking the fire escape stairs inside his building. He found a huge dark bag that he brought back to his apartment. In it, he saw many pieces of Ms Sontag's panties.

I asked "How do you know they're Ms Sontag's panties?"

"They're with several boxes of personal stationery of her. I heard she just died, and her son must have thrown them all away. I still have her stationery. I actually thought of selling her panties on Craigslist but eventually thought against it."

He also told me how Ms Sontag's apartment, which she bought for $1million was sold by her son for $3million soon. And renovation works were soon taking place in the apartment but they stopped right after the trials of the Ponzi artist Madoff started. The unit was sold again for $8million unfinished. And again sold at $11million to a family who my elderly friend says seldom stays in the apartment.


Some Interesting Info From My Client About A Certain Pastor

While watching TV news about Eric Garner's death, I mentioned about the fact that I live close to where that death took place in Staten Island. The images on screen were then focusing on what a pastor was telling us the audience on what he plans to do so that justice would be served on Garner's death as soon as possible. My client, who is a retired real estate lawyer, shared how bothered he is watching at the face of that very prominent pastor (I won't name him here as I'm not a journalist. I know I have to verify first from other sources the veracity of what my client has shared me, which I'm now sharing here to put issues in a better perspective). My client recalls and went out of his way to describe me circumstances how he met and dealt with this pastor over 40 years ago. 

According to my client, this pastor would go about harassing business owners in communities where black families live around then. He would bring people in front of these stores, and demonstrate against the owners' questionable practices in doing business. Of course, that would mean losing business for the owners. And the pastor would do it primarily to make owners shell out money for his projects. My client had a client who got so scared after having been approached by the pastor, and had no option but to contact my client for his lawyering help. He met up with this pastor, and offered to give him cash in exchange for quitting the premises of the business owner where he's doing business. Or else, he would provide for the money for the cops to come over, do their work, and deal with him accordingly. This pastor won't budge so quickly. He wanted to make sure if my client's serious with his word. My client told him he's serious, and he's ready to call the cops to deal with him. The pastor would budge eventually and accede to my client's request. 

Strangely, my client would still remember such things. He's told me many things about how he was involved with politics and politicians a long time ago. One story he told me once was that he was being asked to shell out something so he'd be nominated for a vacancy to a judge-ship post here in New York, but the idea appalled him.  It's a tit-for-tat situation, just like most situations in regular life we all face as we grow up as social beings in this part of the big city. In process, I'm learning a lot from him, admittedly. I once remarked to him my wonder why beggars love to approach me and ask money from me. He told me, in reply, that I looked like someone who could be fooled by the show being put up by such street characters. That got me into thinking. I've since then stopped shelling out money to beggars and the like. I'm now giving out whatever I can afford to share in some other means (just as to assuage my guilt over seeing disturbing signs of poverty here in New York City).

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