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My First Time Seeing Marshall Factora Doing A Cabaret

A shot I took using my celfone during Marshall Factora's cabaret at Pan De Sal in Manhattan last night. It's my honor to have me and be introduced to him by friends Roger & Carmelo, who, like Marshall, are artists in their own right. The intimate place was packed with people representing those you'd see typically in New York City. I recall listening to him singing and interpreting at least 10 songs, and members of the audience participated most happily. It's almost like a private affair but you get a sense that something good was happening that Friday night. We came for the food, which was awesome, and the entertainment that Marshall put up. We're glad to have been delighted beyond our expectations. Carmelo told me that Marshall also sings and plays the piano, and I'm looking forward to seeing him perform again one of these days. And Roger told me that Marshall has been staging these shows for years now, and both them worked together in past shows with other artists.
I was seated among friends Roger and Carmelo, and also got the chance to meet new friends who have known, I would soon realize, one another for some time now. Marshall sang old and new favorites but I barely recall the titles now, with me being someone who barely recall lyrics and listen to music selections because of their tunes. But I remember Marshall singing Stevie Wonder's LATELY in the most heartfelt live performance to-date I've seen. It was lovely and I felt like recalling certain episodes in my own life, which got me remembering how wonderful great art really imitates life. Marshall did something beautiful last night. The musician accompanying him, likewise did a great job. The audience wasn't really an easy crowd to please. But everybody went home happy after enjoying brief time with friends and strangers with great food and great intimate show by Marshall.


This Comment from Customer Has Made My Day!

I've airbrushed parts of this picture, which shows the exchange of messages I just had from one of my storefront customers who recently bought a book from me. (S)He was grateful and thankful, despite the product arriving at his/her doorstep with 'the shipping package crushed the edge of the book cover.' Believe me, I've met some online customers who are just out there to put people's businesses down by making negative comments out of the blue, or they're being just unreasonably capricious (when they're buying a cheap-ly priced item and demanding so much in addition to the product). But this message from my customer has offset all of the negative vibes I've received from these certain customers (they know who they are! LOL).

Here's a thousand thanks to this customer!

Also, here's the book the customer bought from me (via 


Fishing at the Brooklyn Bridge Park

I took a walk along the Brooklyn Bridge Park today and saw that a man has just caught a big striped bass. It was still breathing, with its gills still moving. And I saw that the fish, when its belly was opened up, had been feasting on other fish heads used as baits by other fishermen in the area. Although ghastly to look at a big fish being cleaned up, it was a delightful experience seeing a fish being prepared by the man who caught it. The man said striped bass grows as big as 6 feet. And he has seen many of them passing by along the Brooklyn's side of the East River that meets with the Hudson River at the New York Harbor. It is the same kind of fish that people would eat; they are never sure if their fish was passing by or was actually living in the spot where they happened to be caught by fishermen. I recall a previous visit here, which I did not record nor write about. This is the second time that I've seen a fisherman caught a big fish in this area. I congratulated the man for his good work, which he responded to with a very gleeful 'you're welcome.'


The good life is having a great lunch with a good friend

My good friend, Roger Calvin, and I would find reasons to meet for lunch every now and then. These lunches almost always take place in his Roosevelt Island apartment, a place he has continuously maintained and kept very home-y, pleasant all these years. These lunches include having the best food that Roger will prepare from scratch. And it is not the same dishes that we would have each time we would have lunch, as Roger is very creative when it comes to hosting and preparing meals for his loved ones, friends, and relatives. You must have seen a number of pictures of these meals that he would lovingly prepare and serve his guests.

As a guest, you instantly get a sense that it is privileged experience you are soon to get into for the next few hours at Roger's place. Your eyes gaze into the view of the flowing East River that separates the island from Manhattan, which brief distance is bridged, among many choices, by the subway and the tram. In the comforts of the apartment, you are being served by someone like Roger who gives and shows prime value to shared home-cooked meals. And I get to know better the kind heart-ed person behind that man who was first introduced to me by a common friend who is based in Los Angeles, California, at least 4 years ago as of this writing. You get a sense of the peaceful lifestyle that Roger leads at his neck of the woods in that part of New York City.

The food he prepared this time deviated from the usual that he would come up in previous occasions that we had lunch. We had his version of fresh green salad mixed with his own dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, mustard, honey, pepper plus garnishing including walnuts, cheese, and craisins. He also baked salmon this time with dill on the pieces, which I found fresh and very tasty. He emphasized that baking fish doesn't need to be overdone or longer than the usual 20 minutes or so, or else its unique flavor would be gone. He made sure we had fried shrimp dumplings, too,and he asked me about my preferred sauce to dip them on. I thought I'd like the usual white vinegar with red chili pepper from the gardens of one of his friends out in the West Coast. I recalled we had chocolate ice cream, coffee and cookies for dessert, which we enjoyed much later after our lunch. Needless to say, it's been a grand feast, which is always the case when I have lunch at Roger's place.

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